Our Story

Scoring Right’s journey began not long after my son turned 6. At this point in time he was already learning tennis for a couple of years and wanted to start competing on weekends at club levels.

From the start, keeping score was always a challenge. He soon became confident on how to score and from where to serve. But we noticed that with his increased enjoyment in playing recreational tennis, his frustration from competitive tennis grew tenfold from week to week.

The more he competed; the more he lost.

The more he practiced; still the more he lost.

His frustration swelled, to the point where he broke down in tears on court one day, during a match.

What’s wrong we asked? You are playing so well.

My son replied promptly “I can’t win. Ever! My opponent is scoring wrong. He is cheating. He’s serving its 0:40, and he switched it to 40:0. We argue over almost every point. He is bigger and older than me, I try to argue but can’t. I can’t win if I’m constantly cheated. I can’t focus”

That day we realised all players suffer from the same scoring challenges.

The flowing Sunday morning marked the start of a search to find a scoring solutions. A long road to help our son began.

The things we looked at…. the solutions on offer…. We saw them all.

Expensive apps & pricy watches.

Racquet dampeners and itchy sweat bands.

On court portable scorers and racquet mounted gadgets.

All either didn’t deliver or defeated their purpose. Too expensive or complicated to operate.

We then decided to develop our own tennis scoring system. A scorer which will be simple, practical and comprehensive. Available and affordable to every player, young or old.

18 months later, after numerous samples and countless versions. And with the aid of designers, engineers, consultants and dedicated individuals, we are pleased to bring to you Scoring Right tennis score board.

We are confident you will enjoy it as much as we do.